Jotun celebrates 10,000th SeaQuantum application

COSCO Dalian's Cosrich Lake was coated with a full system of SeaQuantum Ultra S COSCO Dalian's Cosrich Lake was coated with a full system of SeaQuantum Ultra S

SEPTEMBER 4, 2015 — Coatings manufacturer Jotun and COSCO Dalian Ocean Shipping Company recently celebrated the 10,000th application of Jotun's premium antifouling SeaQuantum.

The ship marking the milestone, COSCO Dalian's 297,336-dwt tanker, Cosrich Lake, was coated with a full system of SeaQuantum Ultra S, which is specifically designed for vessels that are slow steaming or have low activity.

According to Mr. Zhao Jinwen, Vice Managing Director COSCO Dalian, SeaQuantum plays an important role in the company's efforts to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

"We are very pleased to receive the 10,000th application of SeaQuantum," he said. "COSCO Dalian is committed to building the largest, specialized and most fuel-efficient fleet of bulk liquid carriers in China, and Jotun's SeaQuantum technology helps us achieve our goal."

"Based on proven performance and trust from our network of global customers, SeaQuantum has strengthened its position year by year to become the industry's leading antifouling brand," said Geir Bøe, Jotun's Vice President Marine Coatings. "We will continue to support the industry's efforts to reduce fuel costs and corresponding emissions with our full range of SeaQuantum products, optimized for different trading conditions."

First launched in 2000, SeaQuantum is built on Jotun's long experience working with silyl acrylate technology.

Unlike other ion exchange biocidal anti-foulings, silyl acrylates are hydrophobic (water repelling), not hydrophilic (water attracting). When exposed to sea water, silyls provide predictable self-polishing properties and a thin leached layer that, says Jotun, is vital to providing reliable, long-lasting protection. By contrast, other ion exchange technologies allow for reactions to take place throughout the coating, which, according to Jotun, leads to less predictable performance

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