Kirby picks ABS as Subchapter M solutions provider

SEPTEMBER 3, 2015 — Kirby Corporation has selected ABS to provide classification and International Safety Management certification for 11 push boats.

Under Subchaper M towing vessel safety requirements proposed, but not yet enacted, by the United States Coast Guard, towing vessel companies will be required to receive a Certificate of Inspection and comply with a new set of regulations relating to the construction and operations of safety equipment and recordkeeping.

The proposed regulation states that adoption of ABS class with ISM certification will show compliance with the new requirements.

"As Kirby seeks to proactively comply with the Coast Guard's Subchapter M requirements, we want to find a partner that not only understands the regulation, but also understands our business and can help us find the best solution -ABS is that partner," says Jim Guidry, Kirby's Executive Vice President - Vessel Operations. "We have always maintained our fleet to the highest level of safety and environmental compliance, and our proactive efforts to demonstrate compliance with this new regulation are indicative of our continuing commitment."Kirby will begin by bringing eight existing push boats and three new push boats into ABS class using the Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels for Service on Rivers and Intercoastal Waterways.

The new vessels will be built at Sneed Shipbuilding, Inc.'s Houston shipyard.

"We are proud that Kirby has chosen to expand its longstanding relationship with ABS by bringing these additional vessels into class," says James Watson, ABS Americas President and COO. "Class and ISM certification is one of many options to comply with the pending Subchapter M regulations, and we at ABS look forward to helping owners and operators identify the right solutions for their fleets."



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