Carisbrooke Shipping grows managed fleet

AUGUST 12, 2015—Carisbrooke Shipping’s commercially managed fleet has now grown to more than 60 vessels, following the addition of eight modern, high quality 8,000-dwt general cargo vessels. Thirty one of the ships controlled by the Cowes, Isle of Wight, U.K.-based owner and operator fall in the 6,800 to 8,500 dwt size bracket.

The ships were built between 2003 and 2005, with the TIP fleet offering ICE Class 1A flexibility, and an overall balanced mix of both single and tween-deck, geared and gearless vessels, Carisbrooke Shipping believe these new additions will both complement and enhance its existing fleet portfolio and thus offer customers enhanced value.

The new additions to the fleet include:

• TIP Oslo, 119.98m x 15.2m, 7,774 dwt;
• TIP Copenhagen, 119.98m x 15.2m, 7,706 dwt;
• TIP Helsinki, 119.98m x 15.2m, 7,775 dwt;
• TIP Bremen, 119.98m x 15.2m, 7,707 dwt;
• TIP Stockholm, 119.98m x 15.2m, 7,707 dwt;
• TIP Leer, 118.55m x 15.2m, 7,894 dwt;
• TIP Emeden, 119.98m x 15.2m, 7,960 dwt; and
• Cremona, 108.2m x 18.2m, 7,601 dwt

These additional vessels have been developed in partnership with German and Norwegian owners, and according to James McConachie, Chartering Director at Carisbrooke Shipping, this is very much part of a drive to add both value and consolidate a fragmented market.

“All of these vessels involve a strong co-operation element,” says McConachie, “and in this regard, we are absolutely delighted to be an integral part of both Liberty One and Solmunde & Partners’ plans for the future, and believe our shared views of excellence in ship management, aligned with quality, modern tonnage provision, and a mutual understanding based on co-operation, integrity, humility and professionalism, will result in an exceptional end product.”

Continues McConachie, “It is no secret that both bulk & MPP shipping sectors continue to face challenging markets.  Our segments have, if anything, become even more fragmented in recent years, and a degree of strategic tonnage consolidation is very much welcomed to maintain freight discipline, and to ensure successful and sustainable trading models.

“Every market cycle has its own trials and tribulations, and this one is certainly no different.  Yet they also harbor opportunities for those who are patient, passionate and remain flexible to new trading patterns.  We, at Carisbrooke Shipping do see a sustainable future for quality shipping within our sectors and are proud, through these partnerships, to re-assert our commitment to the short-sea, geared mini-bulk and MPP markets.  These additional vessels fit extremely well both within our existing fleet portfolio and trading models, yet at the same time will further enhance the overall service we offer to all our customers – both on the cargo and ownership sides.”

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