John Dane is going sailing

John Dane is going sailing U.S. Sailing

JUNE 26, 2015 — It's no surprise about what John Dane III is going to do following the news that Harvey Gulf International Marine is acquiring the Gulf Coast Shipyard Group and Trinity Yachts (see earlier story).

Dane says he's retiring as President and CEO from both companies.

In an e-mail sent yesterday he said:

While I am retiring from the Gulf Coast and Trinity, I will still be consulting with them on an as needed basis and working with my partners at United States Marine, Inc. building state of the art patrol vessels.   So don’t be surprised if you see me around at industry functions in the future.

However if you really want to find me, you might have better luck checking out the sailing race course, the marsh fishing or playing tennis with friends and family.

I sincerely feel the companies are in good hands with the team we have assembled over the years and the new owners!

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