Bio-UV introduces low rate BWTS

Bio-Sea LoFlo BWTS Bio-Sea LoFlo BWTS

JUNE 25, 2015 — French ballast water treatment specialist Bio-UV has developed a version of its Bio-Sea BWTS for vessels with low flow rate ballast water pumps, such as super yachts, offshore service vessels.

The Bio-Sea system uses filtration and high power UV to treat ballast water without needing any chemicals.

The new LoFlo BWTS is available with flow rates of 30 cu.m/hr and 60 cu.m/hr and has IMO Type Approval with USG AMS acceptance expected in 2016. The Bio-Sea B system, with a flow rate of 55 cu.m/hr already has AMS acceptance and is on track to achieve full U.S. Type Approval in 2016.

LoFlo will be sold exclusively through Bio-UV's Netherlands Bio-Sea partner, Damen Shipyards.

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