Tidewater sells 1999-built crew/supply boat

JUNE 17, 2015 — Marcon International, Inc, Coupeville, WA, reports that Tidewater Marine International Inc. has sold its 1999-built crew/supply vessel Merlin Tide to private European operators for continued operation in oilfield service.

Built by Swiftships Shipbuilders LLC of Morgan City, LA, the 44.2 m x 8.1 m x 3.6 m depth / 1.7 m draft, vessel is powered by five 956 kW Cummins KTA 38M2 diesels developing a total of 6,600 bhp at 1,900 rpm, driving four 4-blade bronze 46" x 46" fixed pitch props plus a centerline aft hydro-jet for additional maximum thrust.

This propulsion package develops speeds from about 18 knots economical to 27 knots maximum with fuel consumptions from 150 – 304 gal/h respectively and a range of about 1,925 nm at economic speed.The Vanuatu-flagged Merlin Tide has deck cargo capacity of 111.8 tonnes on a clear deck space aft of 21.9 m x 6.4 m and tankage for 70.5 t drill water and 52.4 fuel t and certified to carry a total of 159 persons on board in air conditioned accommodations.

The vessel is classed by ABS with notations ✠A1, HSC, Restricted Service, AMS.

Merlin Tide had been working in West Africa for Sonatide Marine Services Ltd. of Angola and was lying idle in Walvis Bay, Namibia at the time of the sale.

Marcon International acted as sole broker in the transaction and has handled over 20 sales for Tidewater since 1983 and has represented the buyers in purchases of over a half dozen crewboats during the last 15-20 years.

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