Shuttle tanker newbuilds have Clean Marine hybrid scrubbers

MAY 18, 2015 — Two 120,000 dwt shuttle tankers recently delivered to AET Sea Shuttle AS by shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) are fitted with exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) provided by Clean Marine.

The ships, the Eagle Barents and Eagle Bergen will operate on a long-term contract with Statoil in the the Barents and North Sea and will be technically managed by OSM Maritime Group, which specializes in offshore and ship management activities in the Norwegian continental shelf region.

According to Clean Marine, measurements of exhaust gas emission and washwater criteria are well below the limits required by the IMO, ensuring the vessels' compliancy with the 0,1% sulfur limit in ECAs which has been in force since 1st of January this year. The vessels are also compliant with the stricter US EPA requirements of a pH above 6 in washwater, measured at the outlet.

Classification society DNV GL, on behalf of the Bahamian Flag, has confirmed that the EGCS complies with "Scheme B – EGC System Approval, Survey and Certification Using Continuous Monitoring of SOx Emissions" of the  IMO Resolution MEPC.184(59), 2009 Guidelines for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems.

The approved EGCS will enable the new shuttle tankers to comply with current and future legislation relating to sulfur emissions without switching to more expensive fuels.

Clean Marine's "Allstream" exhaust gas handling system onboard the sister vessels will clean both sulfur oxides (SOx) and particulate matter emissions from two main engines, five auxiliary engines, and three boilers.  In total, each single Clean Marine EGCS unit will manage 10 exhaust sources and clean 220.000 kilograms of exhaust per hour.

The system is a hybrid type which can operate seamlessly in both Open Loop and in Closed Loop (zero discharge mode) and provides near-neutral pH in washwater discharged in Open Loop.

"SHI is proud to be a leader in the integration of eco-friendly technologies to vessels; in particular installation of EGCS and building tanker vessels to the highest technological and environmental standards available," said SHI research engineer Heejun Park. "The hybrid EGCS provided by Clean Marine is a cost-efficient and futureproof solution which enables vessels to trade in all waters and ports well within IMO and local regulations. All engines, including the boilers, are integrated in one single scrubbing unit, without any back pressure, due to a patented gas recirculation technology. This 'Allstream' feature makes the system a preferred choice for tanker vessels with many exhaust sources and large oil-fired boilers."

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