Hyundai Heavy Hi-Fin promises significant fuel savings

MAY 7, 2015 — An energy saving propeller attachment developed by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the world's largest shipbuilder, promises to deliver significant fuel savings.

Called Hi-FIN, the device is attached at the hub of the propeller and generates countering swirls that offset the swirls generated by the propeller, and thus improves propulsion efficiency.

After a year-long trial of the device installed on a 162,000 cu.m Maran Gas LNG carrier, HHI found that Hi-FIN can save up to 2.5 % of fuel in comparison with the same type of vessels without Hi-FIN. If the fuel saving ratio is calculated on the basis of an 8,600 TEU containership, the owners or operators of the containership can save about $750,000 per year, or $19 million over the ship's estimated 25 year lifetime.

HHI has won orders for Hi-FIN for over 30 ships to date, and the company expects more orders to install the device on almost all types of ship.

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