Thoma-Sea launches another EnviroMax OSV

MAY 6, 2015 — Technology Associates, Inc. (TAI), New Orleans, LA, reports that shipbuilder Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors, LLC recently launched a 6,300 dwt OSV from its Lockport, LA. shipyard built to TAI's Technology EnviroMax 310 OSV design.

This latest U.S. flagged Technology EnviroMax 310 vessel is being built for a major oil and gas support vessel company to serve worldwide markets.The vessel is being built to the latest ABS rules and has AMS, ACCU, SOLAS, Offshore Support Vessel (SUPPLY-HNLS, FFV-1) HDC HLC (2.7, LM TANKS), MLC-ACCOM, UWILD, ENVIRO, GREEN PASSPORT notations and certified for USCG Subchapter I & L.

Technology EnviroMax OSVs have also been built for Gulfmark Offshore, which operates the Regulus and Polaris (EnviroMax 275), Gulf Offshore Logistics, which had the EnviroMax 300 Taylor James built by Thoma-Sea, and another Thoma-Sea delivery, the Fugro Americas, a version built for Fugro as a Multipurpose Offshore Research Vessel. Harvey Gulf International Marine, LLC is now operating the Harvey Condor and Harvey Hawk, both of which are EnviroMax 300 OSVs.
Captain Paul D. Hawkins who operates one of the Technology EnviroMax 275s says: "We can standby on one generator, and travel on one of the four generators saving them (our client) a lot on fuel. Overall the vessel is doing an outstanding job, and the Captain and crew are pleased."

All of the designs are technologically advanced, fuel efficient, resistance, space and deadweight optimized, dynamically positioned, high speed diesel electric vessels, and are derivatives of TAI's EnviroMax series of designs, which that have been licensed by TAI to Thoma-Sea.

The EnviroMax designs offer maximum cargo carriage and minimized fuel consumption capabilities. One of the fundamentals of the EnviroMax series design concept is that when the market gets competitive, vessels which can offer more value to the oil operators, such as higher speeds, higher payloads and lower fuel consumption, for the same price, will be preferred for charter. The other fundamental is that they are designed to be flexible and can be adapted for use in alternate markets.

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