DEME orders dual fuel dredge duo

APRIL 28, 2015 — Belgian dredging, hydraulic engineering and environmental solutions group DEME has ordered two new "green design" trailing suction hopper dredges from Dutch shipbuilder Royal IHC. They will be operational before the end of 2016.

Each will have a Green Passport and a Clean Design notation and will be equipped with dual fuel engines and LNG tanks, ensuring compliance with all SECA emission requirements.

The turnkey delivery by IHC includes the dredging, electrical and hydraulic installation, as well as the automation system.

DEME says that, in view of their innovative technology the ships will be manned with especially trained high-tech personnel.

The first vessel will be a new generation trailing suction hopper dredge in the Antigoon class, with a hopper volume of approx. 8,000 cu.m and a total length (LOA) of 104 m. Its maximum draft of 7.5 m and powerful pump for pumping dredging materials ashore make this vessel the perfect all-round solution.

The second vessel will be a new generation trailing suction hopper dredge to replace  the Orwell class with a hopper volume of 3,000 (3,500) cu.m. Its design ensures optimized maintenance dredging works in shallow waters, with primary assets including a very limited maximum draft of 5.00 (5.80) m,  excellent carrying capacity and, given the ship's length of 77 m, a relatively large suction tube.

These are not the first dual fuel vessels ordered by DEME. Earlier this year, the Group announced its order of two smaller green vessels, the self-propelled jack-up vessel Apollo and the multipurpose cable-laying ship Living Stone, which will both service the offshore energy market .

Royal IHC bottom

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