Deltamarin books order for first B.Delta68 self-unloader

Current order book for B.Delta family is 121 ships of various sizes and configurations Current order book for B.Delta family is 121 ships of various sizes and configurations

APRIL 17, 2015 — Deltamarin's B.Delta family has notched up another success. Vulica Shipping Co. Ltd. has placed an order with Chinese shipbuilder Jiangsu Hantong Ship Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. for the first ever B.Delta68 SUL (Self-UnLoading) vessels.

Deltamarin's design contract with Hantong shipyard covers approval design (basic and detail), procurement handling and site assistance. The contract value is about €3M, and the estimated contract period is ten months. Delivery of the vessels is planned to take place before July 2017.

The B.Delta68 SUL is a Panamax sized self-unloading bulk carrier featuring a state of the art, fuel efficient and environmental friendly design. The vessel design is developed by Deltamarin and customized for the customer's special purposes. The ships will comply with the most stringent environmental regulations.

The design is based on the fully tested hull of the larger B.Delta82, but with shallower draft. The overall length of the vessel is 229 m, beam 32 m and max draft 12.8 m. The guaranteed service speed willl be at least 13.5 knots.

"Once launched the vessels will be the most efficient and modern SUL bulk carriers on a worldwide scale," says Deltamarin Sales Director Konstantinos Fakiolas.

The B.Delta Series is a design family with capacities ranging from 25,000 dwt up to 210,000 dwt. The designs cover both standardized industry sizes (i.e. handy, handymax, ultramax, kamsarmax, newcastlemax) and cargo-volume sized ships for more niche markets. As a result of the flexibility of the design, the ships can be tailor-fitted for various cargo types, ice-class notations, Laker versions, self-unloaders and other specialised trades. The B.Delta designs offer excellent performance in terms of a range of parameters, such as low fuel oil consumption, low emissions, EEDI compliance, high deadweight intake and optimised lightweight particulars.

The current orderbook of the B.Delta family includes 121 ships, mostly of the B.Delta37 and B.Delta43 types, but also self-unloader and Laker ships. B.Delta derivatives, such as chemical tankers, are also under construction in China.

In total, 40 B.Delta ships and derivates have now been delivered from six different shipyards in China. Nine shipowners have already received their vessels, which have proved to perform successfully both during sea trials and in service for the last three years.

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