Senesco Marine invests in PEMA automated welding system

WeldControl 200 Vision in Welding Portal WeldControl 200 Vision in Welding Portal

MARCH 11, 2015 — Reinauer Transportation's Senesco Marine shipyard, North Kingstown, RI, is boosting its capabilities by investing in a PEMA twin robot welding gantry from Finland's Pemamek for the welding of double bottoms and subassemblies.

"The next step for Senesco Marine is to produce not only quality built vessels but at an increased pace to meet the needs of our customers," says Senesco VP and General Manager Michael J. Foster. "We currently are in a continuing build program for our current customers and at the same time are looking at new work for potential new customers.

"To be able to do this we are making the investment with PEMA to increase the throughput thus reducing the timeframe required to complete these vessels, which leaves room for even more opportunities.

"We are excited about this step of automation for the shipyard and are looking forward to the relationship with PEMA as we endeavor to build quality built vessels on time for our customers."

Welding double bottom structures is time-consuming and the work is dirty and tough for welders.

To make the job more productive and ergonomic,  PEMA's solution was its WeldControl 200 Vision in Welding Portal.

The PEMA WeldControl Vision system is a user-friendly programming method for the robotized welding of subassemblies and open block structures. With two Yaskawa robots and Lincoln Electric Power Wave power sources, the welding systems are integrated via the PEMA Welding Portal.

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