More than 100 ME-GI engines now on order

Graphical rendering of MAN Diesel & Turbo's 8L70ME-GI low-speed, dual-fuel engine Graphical rendering of MAN Diesel & Turbo's 8L70ME-GI low-speed, dual-fuel engine

FEBRUARY 24, 20015 — MAN Diesel & Turbo reports that more than 100 orders have now been received for its dual fuel, two-stroke slow-speed ME-GI diesel engine. In addition, the second ME-GI engine has been shipped by the engine builder after successful factory acceptance testing.

The decision by Flex LNG to select ME-GI main engines as the propulsion system for two LNG carriers to be built at Samsung Heavy Industries took orders for the engine past the 100 mark.

 "With our ME-GI order book now having passed the 100-unit milestone, we view it as a sign that our confidence in this low-speed, dual-fuel engine concept has been both well-founded and well-timed, and that we are providing what the market desires," said Ole Grøne, Senior Vice President Low-Speed Sales and Promotions, MAN Diesel & Turbo. "Indeed, it seems as if the ME-GI is set to become the new industry standard."

The first two ME-GI units (MAN B&W 8L70ME-GI types), recently successfully passed their factory acceptance tests (FATs) in Korea, and have now been installed aboard two 3,100 TEU containerships currently under construction for TOTE at NASSCO's San Diego shipyard.
MAN Diesel & Turbo reports that the testbed performance of the ME-GI engines exceeded expectations, providing tangible evidence of the soundness of the concept.

It says that this confirms the ME-GI's high-pressure technology as a state-of-the-art solution, which the market has embraced, judging by the significant volume of orders seen in the short period of time since the ME-GI was launched.

"The development process, particularly in relation to the seals associated with the gas-supply pressure, has been demanding but the successful FATs have shown that this challenge has been fully resolved," said Mr. Grøne. "Overall, the ME-GI's fuel-gas system has performed extremely well, confirming our expectations and the experience gained from various demonstrations and tests. As such, MAN Diesel & Turbo is confident that theME-GI engine will continue as the unquestioned market leader and the only demonstrated two-stroke, dual-fuel engine that has passed exhaustive testing."

The ME-GI engine is the culmination of many years' work, and gives shipowners and operators the option of utilizing fuel or gas depending on relative price and availability, as well as environmental considerations.

The ME-GI uses high-pressure gas injection that allows it to maintain the numerous positive attributes of MAN B&W low-speed engines that have made them the default choice of the maritime community.

The ME-GI is not affected by the multiple de-ratings, fuel-quality adjustments or large methane-slip issues that have been seen with other, dual-fuel solutions.

MAN Diesel & Turbo sees significant opportunities arising for gas-fueled tonnage as fuel prices rise and modern exhaust-emission limits tighten.

Research indicates that the ME-GI engine delivers significant reductions in CO2, NOx and SOx emissions while its negligible methane slip makes it, says MAN Diesel & Turbo, the most environmentally friendly technology available.

An ME-LGI counterpart that uses LPG, methanol and other liquid gases is also available, and has already been ordered.

First ME-GI engine being installed in TOTE containership at NASSCO

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