Höegh Osaka to be towed into Southampton Port

Höegh Osaka to be towed into Southampton Port . Marine & Coastguard Agency

JANUARY 22, 2015 — The U.K. Marine & Coastguard Agency reported that the list of the car carrier Höegh Osaka had been reduced to 5 degrees. Plans were for the vessel to move from Alpha Anchorage at 15.45 U.K. time.(approximately).

The car carrier was deliberately beached on the Bramble Bank in the Solent on the evening of Saturday, January 3, in order to avoid a capsize. Salvage efforts were initially hampered by heavy weather. By yesterday, though, significant progress was reported. By 10: 30 yesterday the list had been reduced to 25 degrees, all water has been removed from the car decks and it was anticipated that ballast operations would further reduce the list to 15 - 20 degrees, allowing investigators and a skeleton ship’s crew will also board the ship in preparation for its move back to Southampton Port.

The Höegh Osaka is scheduled to arrive at Berth 101 in Southampton Port at 1900 (approximately).

During the towing operation to bring the vessel in to Southampton Port, a Restricted Airspace (Temporary) (RAT) will be placed 1 mile either side of the navigation route and up to 2000 ft. This is designed to provide essential safety during the towing operation.
There will also be an exclusion zone around the vessel itself of 1,000 mahead and behind and 100 m either side.

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