Three rescued in China tugboat capsize

Three rescued in China tugboat capsize Xinhua

JANUARY 16, 2015 — Xinhua reports that rescuers saved three people yesterday after a tugboat capsized at about 3 pm local time while on trials in the Fubei Channel, near Jingjiang city, on the Yangtze River. Twenty five people were on board when  the incident occurred, including eight foreigners - four Singaporeans, an Indonesian, a Malaysian, an Indian and a Japanese national. boats and tug boats, have been dispatched to search for the 22 missing people near the spot where the boat sank.

Xinhua quotes Wang Zhenkai, one of the three rescued, as saying he was the interpreter for a 60-year-old Japanese engineer and that "we had just finished the load test of the boat's main engine when the vessel suddenly turned on its side. Water immediately flooded in."

Mr. Wang was saved at 5:36 am after rescuers cut through the bottom of the boat. He has been hospitalized and is in stable condition.

Xinhua says the 30-m tugboat was built by Anhui Bengbu Shenzhou Machinery Co. Ltd.

The company was formerly called the Bengbu Shipyard and says it is the largest shipbuilding enterprise in the Huaihe River Basin with marine harbor tugs among its main products.

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