Norwegian customer takes delivery of Damen Stan Pontoon

Barge was available from stock in Rotterdam Barge was available from stock in Rotterdam

JANUARY 14, 2015 — Norway's Kristiansund Taubåtservice AS has taken delivery of a Damen Stan Pontoon 4113. The 41 m x 13 m Stan Pontoon joins the three existing barges in the fleet of Kristiansund Taubåtservice, which provides a wide range of offshore services including towage, berthing assistance, salvage and barge operations.

"We had been in the market for a heavy duty pontoon for a while, but when the timeframe suddenly narrowed, only Damen could deliver a pontoon on time and with the correct specifications," says Kristiansund Taubåtservice's Kjetil Kvande Hansen.

In fact, the 4113 was delivered from stock available in Rotterdam. It was built in China and delivered as part of one of Damen's regular shipments of pontoons of various sizes to Rotterdam. From there they are available at short notice for clients in Europe, Africa and America.

"With vessels in stock in Rotterdam," says Kjetil Kvande Hansen, "we could inspect and choose from various models, but it soon became clear that the Stan Pontoon 4113 met all our specific requirements."

The 4113 has a maximum deadweight on 980 tonnes, 536 sq.m of deck space and a maximum deck load of 10 tonnes/sq.m.
Like all Damen products, standardized Stan Pontoons are also designed to take a range of additional options. In this case Kristiansund Taubåtservice AS ordered six ramp panels which add an extra level of accessibility to the pontoon. Measuring 1.5 m x 12 m, each has flaps to ensure a smooth run over the ramps.
Before delivery the barge was docked and thoroughly checked to ensure its compliance with Damen's quality standards.

"The Damen sales department, together with the technical staff, were very professional and service-minded," says Kjetil Kvande Hansen. "This made the purchase and contract process both pleasant and efficient."

Damen has delivered 37 pontoons over the past two years, with production taking place at Damen shipyards worldwide. The largest custom built pontoon by Damen to date is a 140 m x 40 m version capable of transporting modules up to 17,000 tonnes in weight for a LNG greenfield project in Australia. However, alongside custom projects Damen's real strong point is the building of standardized barges capable of undertaking successful projects .

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