GE technology cuts fuel consumption for Brazilian PSVs

A series of Starnav Platform Supply Vessels will be fitted with GE DP and vessel control systems A series of Starnav Platform Supply Vessels will be fitted with GE DP and vessel control systems

DECEMBER 14, 2014—Improving fuel consumption and energy efficiency are a big part of GE’s involvement in a series of new Platform Supply Vessels that will go to work for Petrobras in the Brazilian offshore market.

GE’s Power Conversion business is supplying dynamic positioning (DP) and vessel control systems for a series of next generation Platform Supply Vessels (PSV4500), currently under construction at the Detroit shipyard to the Brazilian shipbuilder Starnav Serviços Marítimos Ltda. The new PSVs, the first of which will be commissioned and will be put into operation by Starnav in 2015 for Petrobras, will target fuel efficiencies as one of their primary aims.

GE’s control system incorporates an innovative Energy Efficient mode, part of GE’s ecomagination portfolio. GE has developed a highly advanced predictive control algorithm that predicts future motion and updates the thrust demands if the vessel is calculated to move close to or outside the operator permitted area. This makes for fewer small, unnecessary corrections, thus reducing fuel consumption, emissions and equipment maintenance requirements.

Additionally GE’s vessel automation and control system, featuring a novel fuel monitoring, recording and advisory system, grants operators greater insight into fuel consumption across various operational scenarios and cumulatively across the entire mission profile. In consequence, operators and individual users are better equipped to manage operational effectiveness and operating costs.

“As the industry faces ever more stringent cost competiveness, vessels need to perform efficiently with optimized fuel consumption and reduced environmental footprint. GE’s Power Conversion business excels in offering such technologies that meet both requirements.” said Carlos Eduardo Pereira, General Director, Starnav Serviços Marítimos Ltda, “GE’s technology also helps to enhance the overall competitiveness when we are seeking prized charters from major operators such as Petrobras thanks to additional factors such as reliability. We are proud to have this long-term partnership with GE.”

This latest contract for four ships brings the number of Starnav ships featuring GE control systems to a total of 13. This long-term relationship, built on trust and collaboration illustrates GE’s strong capability to perform and help mariners face ever pressing challenges of today and the future challenges of tomorrow.

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