Helgoland ferry LNG fuel contract is in place

DECEMBER 8, 2014 — German ship operator Cassen Eils, a subsidiary of AG Ems, has signed and agreement with Bomin Linde LNG for the supply of LNG as fuel for its newbuild Helgoland ferry (see earlier story).

Ordered from shipbuilder Fassmer GmbH & Co. KG for April 2015 delivery, the 83 m ship will be the first LNG-fueled ferry built in Germany (though the hull is being built at the Hullkon Shipyard in Szczecin, Poland).

Scheduled for delivery from the shipyard in April 2015, the vessel will serve year round on the Cuxhaven- Helgoland route.

Though this is Bomin Linde LNG's first contract with Cassen Eils, it is not its first with AG Ems. In January this year it won a contract to  supply LNG as fuel to the AG Ems ferry car passenger ferry Ostfriesland. That vessel is at another Bremen shipyard, BVT (Brenn- und Verformtechnik Bremen) where it is undergoing a conversion that will see it get a new afterbody as well as conversion to dual fuel operation.

A joint venture of Linde AG and Bomin Deutschland GmbH & Co., Bomin Linde LNG is developing LNG bunker terminals in Hamburg and Bremerhaven that will serve as hubs for delivering LNG to all German ports.

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