Becker Marine celebrates CO2 savings with a donation

From left: Dr. Monika Griefahn, Henning Kuhlmann, Dirk Lehmann From left: Dr. Monika Griefahn, Henning Kuhlmann, Dirk Lehmann

DECEMBER 3, 2014 — Hamburg, Germany, headquartered Becker Marine Systems reports that CO2 emissions from ships have already been reduced by one million tonnes through the use of its Becker Mewis Duct product.

Becker is donating two euro cents for every tonne of CO2 thus saved towards the protection of marine habitats.

Today it presented a check worth EUR 20,000 to AIDA Freunde der Meere e.V, not-for-profit association founded last year is actively involved in national and international projects for the protection of marine habitats.

"We want to keep up donations for the tonnes of CO2 saved," said Dirk Lehmann and Henning Kuhlmann, the two Managing Directors of Becker Marine Systems.

Dr. Monika Griefahn, Chair of AIDA Freunde der Meere e.V. accepted the check on behalf of the association.

According to Becker Marine Systems, the CO2 savings resulting from Mewis Duct Installations equate to the annual emissions from 500,000 privately owned cars.

Becker is installing around 200 Mewis Ducts annually and predicts an additional 300,000 tonnes of CO2 will be saved in the coming year alone.

On tankers and bulkers the nozzle is normally installed in front of the propeller, improving the influx of water and making significant energy savings possible.



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