Maersk AHTS newbuilds feature Wärtsilä solutions

NOVEMBER 27, 2014 — The new series of six Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (plus four options) ordered from Norwegian shipbuilder Kleven by  Maersk Supply Service last month (see earlier story) will feature fully integrated solutions from Wärtsilä. There is an option for an additional four vessels within this series. The contract with Wärtsilä was signed in November.

Wärtsilä's scope of supply covers the complete power generation solution, electrical distribution and drives system, vessel automation system and propulsion system.

All these systems will be fully integrated to provide optimal power, efficiency, versatility and redundancy, while having the lowest operating expenditures (OPEX) and a minimal environmental impact.

Wärtsilä will also supply comprehensive project services, including project management, engineering, shipyard support, and commissioning. The vessels' power generation solution will be based on the latest model of the Wärtsilä 32 and Wärtsilä 20 generating set.

The Electrical and Automation system centers around Wärtsilä's popular LLC (Low Loss Concept) power distribution system for electric and hybrid propulsion applications.

The Wärtsilä LLC enhances energy efficiency and offers excellent redundancy and system availability. The Wärtsilä LLC will enable the vessels to achieve the highest possible Environmental Regularity Number (ERN) of

The ERN rating represents the capability of a vessel to maintain its position and normal operations under certain weather conditions. Wärtsilä is the first company capable of providing such a high ERN.

The propulsion system includes two Wärtsilä controlled pitch propellers (CPP) and five Wärtsilä transverse thrusters.

The full integration of all these Wärtsilä systems ensures optimized operational efficiency while, at the same time, providing both the owner and the shipyard with single supplier time and cost savings benefits.

"The design of these vessels, display the need to provide safe operations with reliability and efficiency. An example of this is that we have selected Wärtsilä's fully integrated, fuel efficient and flexible propulsion system to give the performance we need. This integration capability will enable good fuel economy, low emissions, and excellent station keeping. This certainly adds considerable value to the equipment package," says Head of Special Projects & Newbuilding, Director Peter Kragh Jacobsen, Maersk Supply Service A/S.

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