World's biggest box ship has world's biggest engine

CSCL Globe on sea trials CSCL Globe on sea trials

NOVEMBER  20, 2014 — The world's largest containership, China Shipping Container Lines 19,000 TEU CSCL Globe (CSCL) is also noteworthy for being powered by what is, physically, the largest engine ever constructed – a low-speed MAN B&W 12S90ME-C Mark 9.2 type. The two-stroke engine is rated at 69,720 kW @ 84 rpm, although it has been de-rated to 56,800 kW.

As we reported earlier, the ship was recently christened at shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea, shipyard.

HHI-EMD, Hyundai’s engine-building division, constructed the record-breaking engine.

Previously, the largest engine designed by MAN Diesel & Turbo was an MAN B&W 12K98MC7.

HHI-EMD is the world's largest, marine-diesel-engine builder with approximately 35% of the global market share and expects to reach the 150 million bhp production milestone in two-stroke engines during 2015.

HHI-EMD is also a leading manufacturer of propellers, cargo oil pumps, ballast water treatment systems and side thrusters.


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