Hyundai Mipo delivers fourth PSV to BP

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 — Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) reports that its main shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea, has delivered the fourth of four high value platform supply vessels (PSV) ordered by BP Shipping in March 2012.

HMD has already delivered three of the vessels from January to July this year. BP Exploration Operating Company will use the vessels in support of North Sea operations.

The fourth PSV, named NS Frayja and measuring 97 m in length, 20 m in width and 8.5 m in depth, is equipped with a variety of up-to-date technologies including oil recovery operation and dynamic positioning system.

The vessels have been built to Rolls-Royce UT 776 CD design - a development of the popular Rolls-Royce UT 700 series, designed specifically for supplying equipment and services to deepwater oil and gas platforms.They feature a range of Rolls-Royce equipment including a diesel-electric propulsion system which improves fuel efficiency and lowers emissions when operating at reduced power levels.

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