Wärtsilä launches Mk II version of tanker design

Wärtsilä 16,700 dwt SK 5054 Mk II Wärtsilä 16,700 dwt SK 5054 Mk II

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 — Wärtsilä has launched a Mk II version of its SK 5054 chemical and oil products tanker design.

More than 60 Wärtsilä SK 5054 design vessels have already been built and are in operation. The SK 5054 Mk II version incorporates the latest Wärtsilä technology. In particular, the new design facilitates the use of gas as a marine fuel, making it especially applicable to ships that will operate within emission control areas (ECAs).

Wärtsilä says the new design offers a 12% increase in energy efficiency over the original SK 5054 design. Other features include lower operational costs, an efficient cargo handling arrangement with minimized ballast capacity, an emphasis on ease of maintenance, and a strong focus on crew safety. The design also implements Wärtsilä's state-of-the-art LNG fuel technology.

"The SK 5054 Mk II design effectively raises the bar in terms of innovative designs that emphasise operational efficiency and environmental sustainability," says Riku-Pekka Hägg, Vice President, Wärtsilä Ship Design. "In further improving an established and successful design to make it even better, we are meeting the needs of our customers for the challenges that the industry faces today, and at the same time, helping to take merchant shipping into the gas age."


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