German owned box ship banned from Australian ports

AUGUST 29, 2014 — The Australian Maritime Safety Agency (AMSA) has issued a direction to the containership Vega Auriga (IMO 9347786) that prohibits the ship from using or entering any Australian ports due to repeated breaches relating to seafarer welfare and maintenance of the ship.

According to the Equasis data base, the 2006-built, Liberian flag ship's ISM manager is Vega-Reederei GmbH & Co KG, its ship manager is Vega-Reederei Friedrich Dauber and its registered owner is Vega Auriga Schifffahrts. All three have the same Hamburg, Germany, address.

The Vega Auriga has been detained by AMSA on three occasions since July 25, 2013 with repeated concerns for the welfare of the crew including improper payment of wages, inadequate living and working conditions and inadequate maintenance resulting in an unseaworthy and substandard vessel.

General Manager of AMSA’s Ship Safety Division, Allan Schwartz said vessels entering Australian ports must ensure they meet minimum international standards.

“Vessels that do not meet such standards, including standards for the welfare and treatment of crew, pose an increased risk to seafarers, safe operations and the marine environment,” he said.

“Seafarer welfare is just as important as the proper maintenance of ship equipment, and an integral part of safe operations. A failure in either system could lead to serious accidents.”

Australia is a signatory to the Maritime Labor Convention 2006 (MLC) and AMSA notes that it takes its responsibilities for ensuring compliance with all international safety conventions seriously.

“Seafarers live a tough life under even the best of circumstances, spending many months at sea away from family and friends,” said Mr. Schwartz.

Those minimum standards are applicable to the 1.4 million seafarers who live and work on international ships.

The direction will remain in place for three months.

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