Arctic Salvage Research Foundation seeks industry input

AUGUST 12, 2014 — Chartered in the state of Alaska and based in Anchorage with an office in Houston, the Arctic Salvage Research Foundation has been formed with the mission of assuring the availability for arctic salvage, firefighting and dive operations of world class, fit for purpose and industry leading technology and operational procedures, for the unique and harsh arctic environment. It also seeks to provide access to quality field awareness training for stakeholders tasked with the oversight these operations.

The foundation says that fulfillment of its mission will require the research and testing of salvage equipment, salvage procedures and assessment of training effectiveness to determine and develop best methods that promote life safety, protection of property, the natural environment and preservation of cultural considerations.

It says its goals are only achievable through the development of true and proven arctic class salvage, firefighting and diving equipment that is shown to be deployable and operationally sustainable in arctic conditions.

The foundation defines arctic salvage as "the professional management of, and response to, an unforeseen incident, in the harsh and challenging arctic marine environment; responding with the correct equipment, technology, personnel and procedures, to provide incident resolution."

The Arctic Salvage Research Foundation is looking for participation by industry members to assist with operational shaping of the foundation, identification of foundation projects and meeting the regulatory expectation for industry oversight participation of equipment development and subcontractor relationships.

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