MTU unveils EPA Tier 3 yacht engine

 MTU Series 2000 engine MTU Series 2000 engine

AUGUST 12, 2014 — An advanced MTU Series 2000 M96 yacht engine which meets U.S. EPA Tier 3 emissions standards (for leisure craft) will be on view for the first time at next month's "Festival de la Plaisance" in Cannes, France.

"The latest generation of Series 2000 engines stands out with optimized acceleration and low fuel consumptiont," says Dr. Michael Haidinger, Chief Sales Officer at MTU's parent Rolls-Royce Power Systems. "The engine meets EPA Tier 3 emission limits using in-engine technology only and without having to resort to exhaust after treatment."

This engine series generates up to 1,940 kW of power making it particularly suitable for high-performance yachts such as those used for big game fishing.

In addition to propulsion engines and gearboxes with a power range of 261 kW to 4,300kW, MTU's yachting range also includes 5 kW to 280kW gensets to supply on-board power, and emergency power generation units. All the additional components required for yacht automation are also available – from propulsion plant monitoring and remote control systems to control levers, control units and instruments.

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