Belco scrubber tested in Maersk containership

JULY 23, 2014 — DuPont subsidiary Belco Technologies Corporation, Parsippany, NJ, has partnered with the Maersk Group to successfully demonstrate Belco Marine exhaust gas s,,crubber technology aboard the 8,112 TEU containership Maersk Tukang.

The Belco Marine Scrubber was tested over six days in May 2014 as it sailed from the Port of Algeciras, Spain, to Genoa, Italy. Representatives from Belco and Maersk were on board.

An ABS surveyor was present to witness and monitor the full testing as the system awaits class certification, expected later this year.

belco scrubberThe scrubber was installed in a Qingdao, China, shipyard during a scheduled drydocking.

The unit is designed to clean SOx and particulates from exhaust gas emissions from a 3.2 MW auxiliary engine. Open loop tests confirmed that Belco unit achieved 100 percent compliance with MARPOL Annex IV regulations for all air and washwater emission criteria.

Closed loop testing is scheduled for early fall 2014. Belco says it fully expects a successful demonstration since it has been engineering closed loop wet scrubbing systems for refineries and other land-based applications for over 20 years.

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