MHI 16-cylinder engines mark 10,000 unit milestone

JULY 8, 2014 — Production and sales of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.'s (MHI) core 16-cylinder engines, diesel and gas models combined, have reached a landmark 10,000  units.

Originally launched in 1989, the engines reached this major milestone in 24 years, reflecting their reputation for outstanding power and fuel efficiency.

The engines are manufactured at MHI's Sagamihara District Main Plant in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, and are available in two series: the "S16R Series" of diesel engines and the "GS16R Series" of gas engines.

Development of the diesel offerings came first, with the marine diesel engines being launched, to target high-speed boats to replace the gas turbine engines that were mainly used at that time.

Gas engines were developed next, resulting in a broad lineup of products for increasingly diverse applications and users. Combined, the portfolio of MHI's engines ranges in output from 1,000 to 2,000 kilowatts (kW).

Currently MHI is engaged in the development of a new type of diesel engine for the S16R Series responsive to today's increasingly stringent gas emission standards. The new engines will adopt a common rail injection system.

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