Triyards delivers first BH450 liftboat

JUNE 30, 2014 — Singapore headquartered Triyards has delivered the first liftboat of its BH 450 design. The Group's first lattice-leg liftboat, the BH 450 stands at more than 130 m (approximately 450 feet), making it among the tallest available in the industry. It can operate in water depths of up to 105 m and accommodate up to 250 personnel. As a result, it can be flexible in its deployment and is suited to a wide range of offshore and renewable energy projects.

"The successful delivery of our very first BH 450 is a landmark achievement for Triyards as it demonstrates our ability to deliver complex designs within budget and on time," said Triyards' Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Chan Eng Yew. "It also reaffirms the Group as a trusted and reliable liftboat fabricator with strong engineering capabilities, coupled with flexibility of fabricating projects of varying degrees of complexity, and cements our position as one of Asia's leading builders of these vessels. Thus, we stand to benefit from the increasing level of enquiries for liftboats globally."

The Group's shipyards in Vietnam are currently busy with three projects – the second BH 450 and two BH 335 liftboats. In addition to the BH 450, the Group has delivered six other liftboats to date.

As well as the BH 335 and BH 450, the Triyards range of specialized offshore support vessel designs includes the TSU 475, the Group's third-generation, high-specification liftboat, and the TDU-400, a Premium Class 400 HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) jack-up drilling rig. The proprietary TDU-400, which provides a drilling depth of up to 32,500 feet, features an advanced leg design that allows it to support a higher payload despite weighing less overall than competing designs. It can be quickly customized to meet the distinct needs of different clients.

Triyards currently owns and operates two fabrication yards in Ho Chi Minh City (Triyards SSY) and Vung Tau (Triyards SOFEL) in Vietnam, as well as its Triyards Houston facility in the U.S, The two Vietnamese yards are equipped with heavy-lift gantry cranes and deepwater berths, and both have the capability to undertake large-scale projects to fabricate different components of fixed platforms, as well as vessel conversion and construction. Triyards Houston produces equipment such as cranes, A-frames and winches, which can be installed on the self-elevating units and offshore support and construction vessels fabricated in Vietnam.

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