GAO turns down Vigor bid protest

JUNE 11, 2014 — GAO has ruled on a protest by Vigor Shipyards, Inc., of Seattle, Washington, of the award of a contract to General Dynamics NASSCO-Earl Industries (Earl), of Portsmouth, Virginia, under request for proposals (RFP) No. N00024-12-R-4321, issued by the Department of the Navy for non-nuclear maintenance, repair, and alteration of aircraft carriers in Puget Sound, Washington.

Vigor alleged that the agency misevaluated proposals, failed to engage in adequate discussions, and made an unreasonable cost/technical tradeoff decision.

GAO dismisses the protest in part and denies it in part. [In other words ,the part of the protest that wasn't dismissed was denied. None of it was sustained.]

GAO has issued a redacted version of its decision that gives some interesting insights into how the Department of the Navy evaluates RFPs.

Read it HERE

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