MHI-MME books more orders for advanced turbocharger

MET66MAG-VTI  incorporates three advanced fuel saving technologies MET66MAG-VTI incorporates three advanced fuel saving technologies

JUNE 5, 2014 — A car carrier built by Japan's Shin Kurushima Dockyard recently completed sea trials fitted with the world's first Hybrid Turbocharger with Electric Assist function and Variable Turbine Inlet (VTI), manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine Co., Ltd. (MHI-MME).

MHI-MME offers three major high functionally MET turbochargers: Hybrid turbochargers incorporating generator, Electric-assist turbochargers that reduce the operation cost by its motor running under slow steaming, and VTI turbochargers which are equipped with the variable turbine inlet to increase scavenging air pressure at slow steaming. The MET66MAG-VTI turbocharger in the Shin Kurushima car carrier has all three functions..

Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co., Ltd. has already decided to adopt the same turbocharger for its next two car carriers. In addition three more units have been ordered bringing the total thus far ordered from MHI-MME to six.

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