Pon Power to supply engines, gensets for ALP tugs

JUNE 3, 2014 — Pon Power Scandinavia reports that it has been contracted by ALP Maritime Services and Ulstein Design & Solutions to provide engines and gensets for the four Ulstein SX157 design ocean going AHTS that Japan's Niigata Shipbuilding & Repair will build for ALP Maritime Services, the Netherlands based company acquired by Teekay Offshore in February (see earlier story).

The vessels are being developed for towing large structures such as oil rigs and floating production units over long distances. The bollard pull for each of the four vessels will be 300 tons and they will l be capable of operating at full loads for 45 days without refuelling.

Øystein Solberg, Account Manager for Pon Power Scandinavia, says that under the terms of the contract, Pon Power Scandinavia will provide four main engines and gensets for all four vessels. "To generate the necessary power for these vessels, ALP Maritime Services and Ulstein Design & Solutions selected 18,000 kw MaK 9M32C engines," he says. "Pon Power will also supply three CAT C32 auxiliary gensets and one emergency CAT C9 genset per vessel to provide additional power and redundancy."

Mr. Solberg explains that the long stroke 320 mm bore main engines are capable of generating 4,500 break kilowatts of power. "The 9M32C MaK engines are reliable and fuel efficient and, because they operate at a 600 rpm, are ideally suited for vessels requiring a lot of power over a long period of time," he says. "In addition, the CAT gensets are mounted on Pon Power's GenFlex solution, which helps reduce vibration and minimizes maintenance."

Tor Arne Grötting, Supply Chain Manager for Ulstein Design & Solutions, notes that while the company enjoys close working relationships with many engine manufacturers, it is looking forward to working with Pon Power on the project. "We are very familiar with the Cat gensets and together with the owner, we concluded that the Pon Power engine package where these gensets are combined with the MaK 600 rpm engines was the right solution for these vessels," he says. "Pon Power has shown that in addition to providing excellent technical resources, they respond quickly when issues arise."

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