Eastern Shipbuilding delivers another PSV for Boldini

The Bravante VII is th third in a series of five STX-designed Platform Supply Vessels for operation in Brazil The Bravante VII is th third in a series of five STX-designed Platform Supply Vessels for operation in Brazil

MAY 24, 2014—One of the leading shipbuilders of offshore support vessels in the world, Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc., Panama City, FL, recently delivered the M/V Bravante VII, the third in a series of STX-designed 4,500 dwt Platform Supply Vessels to Boldini S.A., Bravante Group of Brazil.

The Bravante VI, the second in the series, which was delivered three months ago, is currently on charter to Petrobras in Brazil.

The series of PSVs for Boldini are being constructed by Eastern Shipbuilding with the assistance of a $240.8 million Title XI shipbuilding loan guarantee. Eastern Shipbuilding is the only U.S. shipyard building offshore support vessels for export.

Like her sister vessel, the 284 ft x 60 ft x 24 ft 6 in Bravante VII is an STX SV290 design from STX Marine, Inc., which has offices in Houston, TX, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Its parent company is STX Offshore & Shipbuilding.

Classed by ABS, Bravante VII carries the notations IMO/SOLAS, ABS Classed A1, Offshore Support Vessel Ocean Service, Loadline, +AMS, +ACCU, +Circle E, ABS +FFV-1, with additional ABS Class notations UWILD, ENVIRO, +DPS-2.

All five PSVs fly the Marshall Islands flag.

The Bravante VII has a clear deck of 9,365 ft2, with a capacity of 5,030 barrels of liquid mud and 8,631 ft3 of dry bulk mud.

The diesel-electric PSV Bravante VII has four Cummins QSK-60DM 16-cylinder turbo-charged IMO Tier II diesel generator engines, each rated at 1,825 kW at 1,800 rev/min. Cummins also furnished four Marathon Model 744 690VAC main generators. Main propulsion power is provided by two 690VAC electric motors that drive two nozzled Schottel Combi-Drives SCD 2020 single fixed-pitch propellers rated at 2,500 kW at 750 rev/min each. Schottel also supplied two STT 4 fixed-pitch reverse tunnel thrusters, rated at 1,180 kW at 1,170 rev/min, each with direct coupled Hyundai 690VAC electric motors.

The system integrator was GE Energy, which supplied the complete system integrated diesel electric package, including the thruster drives, motors, control systems, DP system, switchboards, motor control centers, automation and navigation/communication electronics.

Bravante VII is capable of a maximum speed of over 13 knots, with a cruising speed of 12 knots.

The fully integrated bridge is arranged for increased visibility and features the latest technology in navigation, communication equipment.

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