CoCo Yachts delivers first of two high speed ferries

MAY 12, 2014 — Peng Xing 15, the first of two CoCo Yachts Coastal Cruiser 200 high speed passenger ferries has been delivered to Peng Xing Shipping Company, Shenzhen, China, by AFAI Southern Shipyard. The owner also has a further three CoCo Yachts ferries of a slightly different design on order.

The 200-passenger Peng Xing 15 and its sister vessels are designed for reduced fuel consumption at high speed and full load condition. Designer CoCo Yachts B.V. of Heukelum, Netherlands, says that the challenge was to attain the contract speed of 31.5 knots with only 2 x 1,080 kW installed power was a challenge. It meant that fuel reduction compared to similar vessels should be at least 15%.  

Thanks to weight control by both designer and builder, the vessel was built 5% lighter than estimated and with outstanding performance by the engines and jets, the average speed at full load condition was recorded at 32.8 knots, delivering a fuel savings of 20%.

The aluminum hull and superstructure were designed and built in accordance with CCS rules and regulations, and optimized where possible with Siemens FEMAP FEM system to reduce the weight as far as reasonably possible. All foundations, railings, doors, interior and paint system were checked and optimized where possible.

Machinery and systems were modeled in Ship Constructor to ensure the shortest possible routing through the vessel.

The interior is spacious and light, with big windows to ensure good outside views. 163 economy seats are placed on main deck aft, while 28 business class seats are placed on main deck fore.

On the upper deck are two VIP cabins for five persons each and two four person crew cabins.

All crew and passenger areas are outfitted with sea water cooled split –unit air-conditioning – heating system.

The wheelhouse provides space for four (4) crew, and has an 360 degrees free view outside. From the seated position the bow can be easily seen. CCTV system provides inside views and outside views, which are monitored in the wheelhouse.

Type of Vessel: High Speed Passenger Ferry
Classification: CCS
Owner: Peng Xing Shipping Company, Shenzhen P.R. China
Designer: CoCo Yachts B.V.
Builder: AFAI Southern Shipyard
Construction material: Marine grade aluminum
Length o.a. : 40.0 m
Beam: 9.3 m
Draft at full load: 1.2 m
Depth midship: 3.4 m
Main Engines: 2 x MTU 12V2000M72, each 1,080 kW @ 2,250 rpm
Gearboxes: 2 x ZF 3050
Water jets: 2 x MJP 650
Generators: 2 x Cummins 80 kW each
Maximum speed at full load: 32.8 knots
Passenger capacity: 200
Crew: 8
Fuel capacity: 2 x 3,500 liters
Freshwater capacity: 1 x 1,000 liters
Luggage: 4 x 650 kg

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