Finnish shipyard delivers LNG-fueled patrol boat

MAY 10, 2014—STX Finland Oy’s Rauma Shipyard recently delivered the Turva, a 96-meter dual fuel offshore patrol vessel, to the Finnish Border Guard.

The 96 meter by 17 meter wide Turva will be stationed in the Gulf of Finland, operating 300 days per year. The versatile vessel will provide frontier supervision, maritime search and rescue (SAR), environmental protection and monitoring of natural resources, oil spill response on the open sea, and cooperation with other authorities.

The Turva is fitted with three Wartsila 34DF engines with dual fuel capability, with operation on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) with low emission levels and Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) diesel oil as fuel.

The Turva can provide support for the operations of auxiliary ships and helicopters, with the ability to operate in virtually any weather and visibility conditions on the Baltic Sea. The boat’s hull and its systems have been designed with seaworthiness and operational dependability in mind to ensure functioning capacity under extreme conditions.

The patrol boat features a large working deck and an oil recovery system and high-capacity tanks for recovered oil, facilitating long operating times. If necessary, open sea oil spill response activities can be performed on rough seas and in winter conditions. The ship also features capability to respond in case of serious chemical accidents. The offshore patrol vessels has versatile search and rescue (SAR) capability and she is capable of operating under difficult conditions and it can function as an on-scene command post in the event of multimodal accidents requiring multiple response capabilities. The ship has extensive fire fighting capacity for extinguishing ship fires and the capability to rescue large numbers of people from the sea or from another vessel.

In addition, the patrol boat features sickbays and a helicopter deck for potential evacuation of passengers. The ship’s 100-tonne emergency towing capability is also an excellent feature in situations where large ships in trouble need to be towed. The offshore patrol vessel is also designed to have high tolerance for damage in case of stranding, fire, engine failure or any other problem situation. The vessel features a double hull and double engine rooms for redundancy and separate systems for maintaining functioning capacity.

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