Damen delivers "Twin Axe" workboat to Njord Offshore

Stock work boat was modified to Njord Offshore's requirements in just seven weeks Stock work boat was modified to Njord Offshore's requirements in just seven weeks

MARCH 18, 2014 — U.K. offshore wind farm support vessel operator Njord Offshore has taken delivery of its first 26 m Twin Axe catamaran work boat from Damen Shipyards Group — just seven weeks after ordering it.

During the seven weeks, the vessel was modified from a basic, standard vessel to suit the specific Njord Offshore requirements.

The modifications included providing a different railing layout on the foredeck to create a larger loading area and installing a semi-enclosed foredeck grating to minimize spray.

They also included installation of a second generator set, a fuel transfer system, a high pressure washer, a 25 t/m knuckle boom crane and SeaSight central push fender.

The vessel is licensed to carry 12 personnel plus four crew (though bunks are provided for six crew) and larger windows have been installed throughout the seating area to create a more open atmosphere. There are two galleys and pantries.

The vessel was also given a full Njord color scheme for hull and superstructure.

Damen Twin Axe vessels can be delivered from stock as a basic vessel or, as in this case, can be modified to suit particular requirements in a matter of weeks.

Both the Twin Axe 2610 and the new, 20 m, Twin Axe 2008 are stock vessels. The vessels \ can be delivered to U.K., German, Danish, Swedish or any other flag state requirements.

The Damen FCS 2610 is a catamaran workboat based on the Sea Axe technology. This vessel has been developed to make transfer of personnel to offshore platforms or wind turbines safer and more comfortable.

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