Damen completes six vessel PSV series

MARCH 14, 2014 — With the official christening of the World Sapphire, Damen Shipyards has completed the delivery of a six ships series of platform supply vessels to Norwegian company World Wide Supply AS in just six months.

The Damen PSV 3300 vessels in the series represent a radical design rethink. A wave piercing bow, slender hull lines and diesel electric propulsion with azimuth stern drives combining to optimize seakeeping and fuel efficiency.

The 80.1 m, 1,500-tonne deck capacity vessels have DP2 capability.

Jostein Sætrenes, Chief Executive Officer of World Wide Supply AS, which was established in late 2010, says that all six vessels will be under contract during the second quarter, four of them on long-term charters to Petrobras. He reflects on the completion of the six-vessel series and why the new offshore company chose Damen Shipyards as a partner.

"We wanted a vessel for today and for the future," says Mr. Sætrenes. "We gave the designers and engineers involved in the project the mandate that the vessels should have a modern look but embody proven technology. The new PSV had to be able to realize our expectations for the offshore market of the future.

"Damen's technical people and engineers worked together with our guys to develop a very modern vessel but with proven and tested technology. Crucially, they considered the hydrodynamics and the new vessel had to be more fuel efficient, cost efficient and environmentally friendly."

The shape of the hull came under scrutiny to improve seakeeping behavior and to optimize crew comfort.

"It was important for us to have a comfortable vessel. For the crew this is their home and working space for half of the year," says Mr. Sætrenes.

The PSV 3300 is one of five PSV types available from Damen ranging from 1,500 dwt to 6,500 dwt.

Damen's expanding offshore portfolio includes completely new designs for several vessel types. In addition to the PSVs it includes Fast Crew Suppliers in lengths of 19 m to 67 m with the Damen Sea Ax bow that reduces slamming by up to 70%; Anchor Handling Tug Suppliers with bollard pulls of 75 t to 200 t bollard pull; the Offshore Heavy Lift Vessel 1800; the Ro-Ro Deep Dredge; various standby and multipurpose support vessels and the powerful new Damen Offshore Carrier 7500, featuring a 2,300 sq.m deck area.

Damen will soon add a new cable layer concept to the list.

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