Color Line ferry set for scrubber installation at FaYard

MARCH 12, 2014 — Color Line's high speed ferry Superspeed 2 is set to enter Denmark's FaYard shipyard later this month for what will be the first installation of Wärtsilä's new inline exhaust gas scrubber system.

The inline scrubber system operates as a conventional Wärtsilä open loop scrubber system, but has three water inlets in the main body of the scrubber, as opposed to two in the conventional system. The exhaust flows enter from the bottom and exits at the top, with water being sprayed in three stages in a counter flow to the exhaust.

A Wärtsilä designed water trap prevents the scrubbing water from entering the engine. The inline configuration can be offered on the hybrid scrubber system as well.

New-inline-scrubber"Space availability is a challenge that makes it difficult for many vessels to have exhaust gas cleaning systems installed, which is why the new Wärtsilä inline system is attracting a lot of attention from owners and operators," says  Sigurd Jenssen, Director, Exhaust Gas Cleaning, Wärtsilä Ship Power. "We have tremendous technical know-how in this field, and can work closely with customers to provide the right system for their needs, while at the same time making the cost proposition attractive."

Color Line's SuperSpeed 2 sails twice a day between Larvik in Norway and Hirtshals in Denmark and has limitations on the available space in the stack. The inline system provides a practical solution for overcoming this restriction.

In September 2013 contracts were signed for the fitting of the Wärtsilä inline scrubber system to three other Color Line vessels.

The scrubbers will enable the ships to meet new limits on emissions of sulfur oxides from ships sailing in the North Sea and the Baltic that will apply from January 1, 2015 when the requirement will change from a maximum of 1.0 percent sulfur in fuel to 0.1 percent.

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