Fjord Line takes delivery of second LNG fueled cruise ferry

Fjord Line takes delivery of second LNG fueled cruise ferry Photo: Espen Gees

FEBRUARY 4, 2014 — Norway's Bergen Group Fosen shipyard has successfully delivered the LNG fueled cruise ferry MV Bergensfjord to Fjord Line.

The cruise ferry is a sister ship of MV Stavangerfjord which was delivered from Bergen Group Fosen in July 2013, after being delayed several times with the shipbuilder saying that installation and testing of the gas-fueled Rolls-Royce Bergen engines and other technical equipment was taking longer than planned.

The two 170 m, 1,500 passenger, 600 vehicle ferries were originally were originally ordered with dual-fuel engines. However, in July 2012 Bergen Group received a contract modification to deliver the two ships delivered with single-fuel LNG engines.

Delivery of the second ship seems to have gone more smoothly.

"We are very pleased that Bergen Group Fosen has been able to deliver the ship in accordance with the schedule agreed on last summer. That gives us enough time to run in technical equipment and conduct quality control of all operations and logistics. If possible, we will put the ship into service earlier than April 3, which was currently planned," says Fjord Line CEO Ingvald Fardal .

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