New Videotel course covers ECA fuel switching

JANUARY 22, 2014 — Marine training specialist Videotel Marine International has launched a new training course. Called "The Practical Management and Switching of Fuels," it is designed to ensure that switching to low sulfur fuel when operating in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) avoids the serious operational problems that can impair a ship's performance or cause major damage to engines.

The course is available in DVD, Videotel on Demand (VOD), VOD online and eLearning Computer Based Training (CBT) formats. All are accompanied by a PDF workbook which highlights key learning points.

"High fuel costs and strict emission controls directly influence the way a vessel's fuel systems and engines are operated and managed," says Videotel CEO Nigel Cleave. "Having a thorough understanding of the challenges presented by using heavy marine fuel oil and switching to low sulfur fuel when operating in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) is essential and this new course from Videotel addresses that need.

"Since 2010, many of the busiest shipping areas of the northern hemisphere are now designated as ECAs and require a switch from high sulfur to low sulfur fuel - a process that requires very careful management."

The Practical Management and Switching of Fuels is designed to provide a practical guide to what is required of bridge and engine room officers and engineers to process fuel oil from the bunker tank to the engine, monitoring every stage of filtering and purification to ensure the most efficient combustion is achieved, cleanly and economically.

The course addresses MARPOL Annex VI and covers marine fuel oils; bunkering; storage and settling tanks; centrifuge; heaters and filters; fuel combustion; fuel switching; planning; and temperature and viscosity control.

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