Siemens to supply wind turbines for Cape Wind

Siemens will supply its "workhorse" 3.6 MW wind turbine for the Cape Wind project Siemens will supply its "workhorse" 3.6 MW wind turbine for the Cape Wind project

DECEMBER 24, 2013—Under a recently signed contract with Cape Wind LLC, Siemens will supply the first commercial offshore wind farm in the U.S., with 3.6-megawatt (MW) offshore wind turbines, an offshore Electric Service Platform (ESP) and a service for the first 15 years of commercial operations.

Cape Wind plans to install 130 wind turbines on the Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound. Cape Wind has sold 77 1/2% of its power output in long term Power Purchase Agreements to National Grid and NSTAR, the two largest electric utilities in Massachusetts. Cape Wind has announced it is purchasing a marina on Falmouth harbor on Cape Cod to serve as its maintenance and operations Headquarters. Cape Wind is the first U.S. offshore wind project to be fully permitted, and to have been issued a commercial lease and received approval for its Construction and Operations Plan by the U.S. Department of Interior. Cape Wind is currently in its financing phase.

Siemens, a leading offshore wind turbine manufacturer, will fabricate, install and commission its 3.6-MW offshore wind turbines for Cape Wind. The Siemens 3.6-MW offshore turbine has the leading turbine used at existing offshore wind farms and it is going to be used in at least eight other offshore wind farms currently under construction or approaching construction.

Cape Wind President Jim Gordon says, "The completion and execution of the contracts between Cape Wind and Siemens brings the experience and financial strength of the leading global offshore wind supplier into America's first offshore wind farm ensuring important energy, environmental and economic benefits for Massachusetts and the region."

Siemens is also providing Cape Wind with a long-term maintenance program for the wind turbines and ESP for a period of 15 years. Siemens will hire locally to fill the majority of its operations and maintenance positions at Cape Wind's future service headquarters on Falmouth Harbor on Cape Cod.

Project management for the Cape Wind project will be managed from Siemens Energy's Boston office, while the ESP scope of work will be managed from Siemens' Transmission operations in Cary, NC, and the long-term maintenance program will be managed from the company's Americas headquarters located in Orlando, FL.

"This is a significant milestone for this project and we're excited about it," says Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. "Massachusetts will be a pioneer in the emerging offshore wind industry, which brings with it both clean energy and good jobs."

Cianbro to fabricate ESP
Siemens has subcontracted the manufacturing of the ESP to Cianbro, which will fabricate the platform at its facility in Brewer, ME. The ESP was designed for Cianbro by Moffatt and Nichol Engineers of Norfolk, VA. The ESP will be located toward the center of the offshore wind farm site and it will transform the voltage of the electricity produced by the wind turbines.

Maine Senator Angus King welcomed this news, "I am very pleased that Cianbro, a Maine-based company and partner in UMaine's floating offshore wind project, will join forces with Siemens and Cape Wind of Massachusetts to produce the offshore substation for an industry-leading offshore wind farm. By helping to generate renewable energy, and by putting New Englanders to work in the process, projects like this will not only benefit our environment, but our economy as well."

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