MaK power for Kleven OCV newbuild

OCV is to have MaK power OCV is to have MaK power

DECEMBER 5, 2013 — The 150 m SALT 304 design offshore construction vessel under construction by Norwegian shipbuilder Kleven is to have MaK engines. The ship is being built for Haugesund based shipowner Østensjø Rederi under a contract worth NOK 1.4 billion (about $236.7 million) that is Kleven's largest yet (see earlier story).

The OCV is being specifically designed and built for the Greater North Sea conditions.

According to Caterpillar Marine and Cat dealer Pon Power, the propulsion system comprises two MaK 8 M32 E generating sets with a power output of 4,400 kW each, two MaK 6 M32 E at 3,300 kW each and two MaK 6 M20 C at 1,140 kW each.

The new M 32 E engine solutions have an increased power rating of 550 kW per cylinder @ 720 and 750 rpm and with total output ranging from 3,300 kW for the six cylinder configuration to 4,950 kW for the nine cylinder configuration.

"We're pleased the new high performance M 32 E power solutions have been selected for such a significant project in the Norwegian offshore sector as it is an ideal platform to drive variable speed diesel-electric systems," Alexander Kohse, Caterpillar Marine offshore segment manager noted. "The combined MaK platforms will provide the vessel with unmatched power as well as reduced fuel consumption and emissions."

The OCV features Caterpillar designed variable speed electric generator sets integrated into a floating frequency electric drive system. A Cat C18 emergency generator with a capacity of 425 kW is also integrated into the vessel's machinery.

Offering both 720 and 750 rpm the higher power output is ideal for diesel electric propulsion and auxiliary power applications complementing the multi-engine concepts typical in the offshore market. Compared to previous solutions the new design allows a substantially reduced generator set footprint. Besides the higher engine power density, the length and weight of the package has been reduced by more than 15%, without compromising reliability, durability, vibrations and structural borne noise. A seamless integration of the control system into the vessel electronics is ensured by the new modular alarm and control system (MACS). With MACS, the M 32 E can also be perfectly integrated with proven Cat high speed engines in mixed engine rooms by using common Cat Electronics components like the Cat ADEM A4 engine control module.

"The M 32 E is a perfect example of bringing additional value to our customers," said Carsten Seeburg, Caterpillar Marine product definition engineer. "We were able to combine our prime design priorities highest uptime and lowest cost of operation with a more compact solution fitting into today's tight engine rooms."

The engine features a stroke of 460 mm and utilizes the piston and other proven parts from the VM 32 C. It shares the same footprint with the M 32 C. In addition to having Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) capability, the new M 32 E features the same reliability, maintenance intervals and lube oil consumption as the M 32 C product series. The M 32 E provides the technical platform for the recently announced M 34 DF dual fuel engine and is EPA Tier 2 and IMO II compliant.

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