First order for LNG Hybrid Barge

Barge will allow cold ironing by cruise ships in Hamburg Barge will allow cold ironing by cruise ships in Hamburg

DECEMBER 2, 2013 — Hamburg, Germany, based Hybrid Port Energy GmbH, a subsidiary of Becker Marine Systems GmbH & Co. KG, has awarded Shipbuilding and Machinery of Komárno, Slovakia, a contract to build what will be the world's first LNG Hybrid Barge.

In summer 2012 AIDA Cruises and Becker Marine Systems teamed up on a long-term cooperation project to provide low emission electrical power to cruise ships while at port.

The barge will be fitted with five generator sets supplied by Zeppelin Power Systems totaling 7.5 MW for 50/60 Hz and operating solely on LNG.

These are the first marine-classified LNG fueled Caterpillar engines to be delivered to customers.

The LNG Hybrid Barge will be delivered by summer 2014, only two years after the initial project startup.

The 74 m long barge will be stationed in the Port of Hamburg, which will then be the first port in Europe able to provide cold ironing power to cruise ships. In addition, the barge and its engines are to be outfitted to supply combined heat and power to potential customers, further improving the ecological footprint.

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