Island Offshore back at Vard

Island Offshore UT 766 Island Offshore UT 766

NOVEMBER 29, 2013 — Island Offshore, in which the Chouest and Ulstein families are partners, has placed an order with Vard Holdings Limited for the construction of an advanced offshore support vessel of Rolls-Royce UT 766 design.

The value of the contract amounts to approximately NOK 400 million and the vessel is scheduled for delivery from Vard's Brevik, Norway, shipyard in first quarter 2015. The hull  will be delivered from Vard Braila in Romania.

Vard CEO and Executive Director Roy Reite, at VARD says, "We appreciate the long-term relationship we have with Island Offshore. This cooperation has once again resulted in an innovative new project for Vard. In total, we have delivered more than 30 vessels to Island Offshore. Currently, Vard has five vessels under construction for Island Offshore. We look forward to continuing and developing this excellent relationship."

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