JonRie commissions new Double Drum Escort Winch

Super Series "220" Double Drum Escort Winch Super Series "220" Double Drum Escort Winch

NOVEMBER 24, 2013 — Manahawkin, NJ, headquartered JonRie InterTech LLC has commissioned its new Super Series "220" Double Drum Escort Winch, currently installed on the Marine Towing of Tampa newbuild ASD tug Patriot, recently launched at Washburn & Doughty, East Boothbay, ME.

As can be seen from the photo, the Super Series "220" Double Drum Bow Winch was designed for a larger capacity rope. This concept has been used on the Panama Canal for many years as a redundant line tethered to the ship also acts as an Escort Bridle making the tug more stable in prop wash during long escorts. The twin drums also afford a less loading on each rope under braking. Both drums feature JonRie's Active Heave Compensation systems.

All winches on the tug feature independent drives for each drum and JonRie's standard foot pedal for hands free operation. Also featured on each drum is JonRie's side light with dimmer tension read out system.

At the request of the owner the tension meters also include and adjustable alarm pilot light so when a preset tension is selected, when exceeded will alarm the master of an overload. The winch has the capacity to spool 600 ft of 9 in Hawser, 18 ton line pull and a line speed of 100 ft/min.

On the stern of the vessel is a JonRie Series "512" Towing Winch complete with independent drive level wind and independent driven gypsy head.

All winches have an auto abort system and a backup 24 V DC system if power is lost on the tug.

The towing winch will be used for emergency towing if required during an escort. The winch has the capacity or 2,100 ft of 2 ¼ in wire, a line pull of 50 tons and a line speed of 30 ft/min.

All controls, soft starter and HPU are the design and supply of JonRie. 

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