Model tests for super-low resistance bulker hull form

blu tech 340OCTOBER 1, 2013 — Helsinki, Finland, based Foreship BlueTech Ltd. and Foreship Ltd. have jointly developed a new super-low resistance hull form for the Bluetech 42 bulk carrier.

The hull has low resistance through the speed range – not only at design speed. This allows owners and operators to choose the speed based on their needs, as every speed is ECO-Speed.

Hull form development included extensive use of in-house RANS-CFD with the entire wave formation being the dominating feature of the development.

The hull form was recently model tested at Hamburg Ship Model Basin. During model tests, wave formation through the speed range was absolutely minimal and no following waves were observed on the wake of the ship.

The measured resistance was compared to HSVA database and it is claimed that while "some designs might be equal around certain speed, but none of them show such constantly low resistance as Bluetech 42 bulk carrier."

Foreship says these resistance figures ensure a solid base for setting a new level in terms of a real through-the-speed-range ECO-design and thar Similar kind of optimization routine and design guidelines can be utilized for all other Bluetech-series ships having a full bodied hull form.

Measured resistance compared to the best references of HSVA database. Tested Bluetech 42 hull presented in blue. All ships have been corrected to the same displacement.


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