Metal Shark wins $5 million Coast Guard contract

Freedom Class RBSEPTEMBER 29, 2013 — The U.S. Coast Guard has placed a delivery order valued at $5 million with Metal Shark Aluminum Boats of Jeanerette, LA., for 15 Response Boats-Small II. The order supplements a previous FY 2013 order for 20 boats and brings the total number of boats on order to 99. To date, 56 RB-S IIs have been delivered to the Coast Guard

The Freedom-class RB-S II replaces the Defender-class RB-S fleet, first acquired in 2002 and nearing the end of its 10 year service life. The RB-S II has a length of 29 feet, is capable of a top speed of over 45 knots and has a minimum range of 150 nautical miles. The RB-S II is outfitted with a standardized communications and navigation suite and was designed with an increased emphasis on ergonomics and crew comfort. The RB-S II will be operated by a crew of up to four.

Defender-class RB-S and Freedom-class RB-S II are assigned to various units including the Maritime Safety and Security Teams (MSST), the Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT), Marine Safety Units (MSU), and to shore stations throughout the coastal United States. The RB-S is a multi-mission platform, used for the full range of Coast Guard missions, including: search and rescue; vessel boarding team deployment and law enforcement missions; port security; drug and migrant interdiction and environmental response operations.

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