Vancouver Shipyards starts OFSV design work

ofsvMARCH 18, 2013 — Canada's Seaspan Shipyards reports that Vancouver Shipyards (VSY) has started design work under the Construction Engineering Contract for the Canadian Coast Guard's Offshore Fisheries Science Vessel (OFSV). This contract will take a total of ten months to complete and lead to a build contract in early 2014.

The work under this contract will be completed in three phases:

  1. Initial Design Phase – in this phase key elements of the design will be matured and an initial cost model developed.
  2. Functional Design Phase – in this phase the design for spaces and systems will be completed, equipment identified, suppliers engaged and regulatory approval for the design obtained.
  3. Production Design Phase – in this phase a detailed 3D model of the ship will be started to define final requirements for material and layout of spaces and systems.

In addition to the construction engineering contract, a future contract will allow the completion of the 3D model, procurement of long lead time equipment prior to the start of the build of the ships, and development of manufacturing information to a production ready state.

Each of the three Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels will be:

  • 55 metres long
  • Designed to operate in the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans
  • Built to conduct fishing and acoustic surveys of fish and invertebrates and collect physical, chemical and biological oceanographic data to monitor changes in the marine ecosystem.

Seaspan says that "work on the OFSV construction engineering contract is being performed by an experienced team of engineers, program managers and supply chain specialists who collectively have over 1000 years of ship design and construction experience. Recognized industry leaders and experts in design from STX Canada Marine, Imtech Canada, Thales Canada and Computer Sciences Canada are bolstering the internal team at VSY."

The OFSV is the first in a series of Non-Combat ships to be built by VSY for Canada. Additional vessels include one Offshore Oceanographic Science vessel, two Joint Support Ships and a Polar Icebreaker.

Vancouver Shipyards is currently undergoing a $200 million shipyard modernization to allow for the efficient build of Canada's new Non-Combat ships. The new facilities will include seven fabrication, construction and painting shops, as well as a 300 tonne gantry crane.

"This construction engineering contract further solidifies the revival of the shipbuilding industry on the west coast of Canada which will eventually see the production workforce at Vancouver Shipyards reach and sustain 1,000 skilled trades workers," said Brian Carter – President, Seaspan Shipyards.


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