Great Lakes Shipyard books fabrication job

WhiskeyIslandAUGUST 26, 2013 — Great Lakes Shipyard, Cleveland, OH, has been awarded a contract to fabricate a new floating breakwater for Cleveland's Whiskey Island Marina .

The shipyard will fabricate two 150 ft long steel cylindrical modules that will be bolted together and anchored in the lake bottom in front of the marina. The 10-foot diameter breakwater is used for wake attenuation to protect the boats and docks in the marina basin from heavy weather and is ballasted to the 6.5 ft waterline.

The project is to be completed by mid-November.

The shipyard built a similar floating breakwater for Perry's Landing Marina, Erie, PA in 2010. That project involved the assembly of five 40  ft x 5 ft wide x 8 ft sections, ballasted to the 4.5 ft waterline.

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