Nordic Yards to build 2,500 t deckhouse for icebreaker

nordic yards icebreakerAUGUST 12, 2013 — Nordic Yards has been awarded the tender for the construction of a 2,500 tonne, fully fitted out, deckhouse for a Russian icebreaker. A contract for the fabrication of a deckhouse as part of the superstructure for the icebreaker LK-25 was concluded between the St. Petersburg Baltic Shipyard, which is part of the Russian state-owned United Shipbuilding Corporation OSK, and Germany's Nordic Yards.

The keel-laying for the icebreaker Viktor Tschernomyrdin, otherwise known as “Project 22600”, took place on October 10, 2012 in dock at the Baltic Shipyard. The total cost of the project is around RUB 7.94 billion (about EUR 200 million). The delivery of the ship to Russia’s state-owned seaports agency Rosmorport is planned for December 2015.

According to a statement by the First Vice-General Director of Baltic Shipyard, Artjom Pidnik, the high outfitting quality and modern comfort standards of the living quarters were the reasons for the decision in favor of Nordic Yards. The new icebreaker is designed for 90 specialists and a crew of 38, and offers them excellent on-board working conditions.

The icebreaker is equipped with a 25-megawatt (MW) diesel-electric propulsion system to provide the vessel with the capability to break ice up to two meters thick and ensure the free passage of ships in and out of frozen harbor basins and along the Northern Sea Route. It will also find use on rescue and salvage missions under Arctic conditions as well as on expeditions.

"We continue to be the best by far in icebreaker construction. Icebreakers are an exclusive niche product and we are at the forefront in the construction of these ships. Accordingly, the hull and mechanical engineering are reserved for us and some Russian subcontractors. But when it comes to on-board amenities, European yards have long been world champions and without doubt this contract will contribute to the success of the whole project," says Artjom Pidnik.

Nordic Yards is very experienced in the construction of icebreaking ships. The shipyard can look back on over 100 ice-going vessels constructed to date. In 2011, an Arctic tanker was handed over to the Russian mining and smelting company Norilsk Nickel. Construction of two icebreaking salvage and rescue ships for the Russian transport ministry is due to start in 2013. Moreover, Nordic Yards has experience in the construction of "4-star plus" cruise ships.

"We look forward to this cooperative relationship and will contribute this experience while working alongside Russian suppliers in the construction of this deckhouse," says Nordic Yards’ owner and managing director Vitaly Yusufov

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